Training Data, Made Easy.

Structure, automate, and qualify your training data efforts. Get started now for free, immediate access, no credit card required.

01: Import your data and labels

Everything begins with data. Easily import your assets into the platform wherever they are hosted.

02: Iteratively label and evaluate

Whether you already have labels, or not, generate qualified labels and utilize automation at every step.

03: Export ready to train labels

Never deal with messy file structures again, export your labels and data exactly where you need them.

Manage Data, Labels, and Workforce

Best in-class project management tools to give you complete control over your data and insight into progress of projects.

  • Integrate

    Seamlessly import and export all your data and label assets. Use the UI, or work directly with our powerful API.
  • Collaborate

    Accelerate your projects by collaborating on each portion of your training data efforts.
  • Manage

    Project manage your training data efforts with insights and control over each aspect of the process.
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"""RedBrick-sdk quickstart"""
import redbrick
label_set = redbrick.labelset.LabelsetLoader(
org_id = "<org_id>",
label_set_name = "<label_set_name>",

Structure and Automate Your Workflow

Build pipelines tailored to the requirements of your labeling projects, and optimize each stage.

  • Automate

    Eliminate the several manual steps you needed in a labeling project. Set up a pipeline and continously deliver labels.
  • Structure

    Don't manage your efforts in an ad-hoc manner. Add structure to your projects for predictable and repeatable results.
  • Customize

    Every project has unique requirements, customize your pipeline to match exactly your requirements.
Pipeline View[failed][passed][image][bbox]auto-labelreviewRB-warehouse-outputRB-warehouse-outputRB-warehouse-input
Task Created
Created at: Jan 20 2020
Stage: RB-Warehouse-input
Input source: starter-dataset

Label and Rigorously Qualify

Use high-performance tools, AI assistance, and maintain high quality standards.

  • Pre-label

    Use our in built pre-trained models to automate labeling, or run your own custom model to generate pre-labels.
  • Review

    Structure your projects to include rigorous quality standards. Utilize our QA features and interfaces to enforce quality standards.
  • Configure

    Easily configure the labeling interface to suit your project and teams needs. Save configurations and reuse them in other projects.

Select A Pricing Plan That Works For You


For personal projects, early stage applications and anyone experimenting with computer vision.
  • Image labeling tools
  • Automated Pre-labeling
  • Collaboration features


For small teams building computer vision technologies and looking to manage data in-house.
  • Video labeling tools
  • Custom, 3rd party integrations
  • Expanded pipeline capabilities


For a larger team, with high-volume data requirements or projects that require customized setup.
  • On-premise support
  • Human-in-the-loop
  • Customizable solutions

Training Data, Made Easy.

Structure, automate, and qualify your training data efforts. Get started now for free, immediate access, no credit card required.